Indianbiodiesel was conceived in 2016 in response to the serious environmental and health hazards arising out of the various polluting emissions casing our environment. Our organization proposed a journey for the present society at large from the present polluted and harmful environment back to the green and pure environment as it was ages before. He thought of developing an alternative source of energy that can reduce pollution levels in our country, organic in nature. Soon his thought were materialised into action when the idea/concept of manufacturing Indianbiodiesel Processing Plants crystallized. The feedstock used was organic in character which produced Indianbiodiesel as per the ASTM, EN and BIS Standards. This marked the beginning of our organization. Since the operation of the firstIndianbiodiesel processing Plant in Indore, Indianbiodiesel Technologies has built a strong reputation as a leading pioneer in the manufacturing, fabricating and assembling Indianbiodiesel Processing Plants.

Indianbiodiesel Technologies  India traces its inception to the year 2018 wherein it had commissioned its first Indianbiodiesel Processing Plant (Multi Feedstock) at Indore. In 2018, Eastern IndianbiodieselIndianbiodiesel Pvt. Ltd was incorporated to support the growing business of the firm.IndianbiodieselTechnologies Kolkata, India & Eastern Indianbiodiesel Indianbiodiesel Pvt. Ltd has a team of Highly Experienced and Skilled Professionals working in the field of manufacturing, fabricating and assembling Indianbiodiesel Processing Plants. We also feature in Jatropha Curcas Cultivation Technology. Our forte lies in providing cutting edge Technology in Indianbiodiesel Processing Plants of Various Capacities (5 MTPD to 50 MTPD). Our organizations work in tandem with the Global Community to help you shift to Green Energy by providing Agro Technology and Processing Technology for Indianbiodiesel to give our society a Cleaner and Greener Tomorrow.
Our Core Competencies:

Providing Technical Consultancy of our highly skilled and experienced professionals for setting up and running the Indianbiodiesel Processing Units.

To ease up the process and increase the efficiency of the plant we also specialize in providing “DRY WASH SYSTEM” and “OIL PURIFICATION & DEGUMMING PLANTS”.

We also deal with the supply of harvested, mature, healthy and high yielding variety of saplings, seeds of Jatropha with a high rate of 80%-90% germination, oil content of 33% – 45% and other Indianbiodiesel yielding crops in huge quantity from our nurseries located at various regions within the national boundary.

We undertake various types of projects

Pipe to Pipe Projects
Projects as per the requirement of the Client.


Our sky is murky, Sheath of polluted emissions over our environment, Atmospheric Pollution, Global Warming, Health Hazards, Scarcity of Fuels accompanied with ever escalating price has become a major concern for the Global Community and Mankind today.

Endurance has become convoluted and there seems no way apart from going the GREEN WAY.

To combat the above, World is shifting quick to Green Energy-Indianbiodiesel, Bio-Ethanol, Wind Energy and Solar Energy etc.

We, at Indianbiodiesel Technologies, unite mutually with the Global Community to help you shift to GREEN ENERGY by providing Cutting Edge Technology for Manufacturing, Fabricating and Assembling Indianbiodiesel Processing Plants in order to provide an environmental friendly alternative source to High Speed Diesel (HSD). We would like to see our future generation breathing in a Clean and Green tomorrow.

We want to embark on making India an Energy Sufficient Country according to our National Mission. Working together we can make our country self sufficient in Green Energy rather than relying on imported Mineral Fuels which loads our atmosphere with colossal amount of toxic emissions.