The Competitive Edge which our valued clients are assured of is the simple fact that our processing plants are so designed that they can process a number of easily available raw feedstock (In the Indian Sub-Continent) in to  Indianbiodiesel meeting all Global Standards and crossing all the levels of feedstock constraints and rigidity.

Hence the equilibrium between the demands for feedstock in order to produce¬† Indianbiodiesel in tune with the plant capacity (viz. 5 MTPD, 10 MTPD, 20 MTPD….300 MTPD) is economically met and it provides an excellent payback period and therefore a short gestation period for the capital expenditure for our valued clients.

Following are the list of feedstock’s that can be used for the production of Indianbiodiesel:

Jatropha Curcas
Pongamia Pinnata
Rice bran oil

Rubber seed oil
Sal seed oil

Cottonseed oil