Headquartered in Indore India, Indian Biodiesel was conceived in 2016 in response to the serious environmental and health hazards arising out of the various polluting emissions casing our environment. Indian Biodiesel was conceived by a group of Technologists with a comprehensive professional experience with multinational companies under the able stewardship. Our organization proposed a journey for the present society at large from the present polluted and harmful environment back to the green and pure environment as it was ages before. He thought of developing an alternative source of energy that can reduce pollution levels in our country, organic in nature. Soon his thought were materialised into action when the idea/concept of manufacturing Biodiesel Processing Plants crystallized. The feedstock used was organic in character which produced Biodiesel as per the ASTM, EN and BIS Standards. This marked the beginning of our organization. Since the operation of the first Biodiesel processing Plant in Hyderabad, Biodiesel Technologies has built a strong reputation as a leading pioneer in the manufacturing, fabricating and assembling Biodiesel Processing Plants.